Setton Sun Productions


"A real comic find, "The Big Bad Swim" manages to remain consistently funny while hitting emotional truths. "
- Ken Eisner, Variety

“A feel-good eccentric ensemble comedy you won't feel guilty for loving…Everything is simple and believable, without cloying sentimentality or overly scripted coincidences, and the characters become more intriguing and likable as the film continues.”
- Frank Paiva, Seattle Weekly

“It’s rare to come across a debut feature that’s well crafted and whose cast oozes a bright future. Director Ishai Setton makes his mark at Tribeca…and we’re pulled into a delicate network of love and friendship.”
- Shazna Nessa, Associated Press

- - -

Our film, "The Big Bad Swim," is on a roll. Premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. Official Selection of the Zurich, Ft. Lauderdale, Maui, Sidewalk, Rhode Island, Tallgrass, Annapolis, Avignon/New York and many other festivals. The film has won the runner-up Best Director Audience Award at the Seattle International Film Festival, a Special Jury Award at the Temecula Valley Film Festival and the Grand Jury Prize for Best Film at the Connecticut Film Festival. Check out our official site for the most up-to-date news about the film and future screenings.

"Ocho Candelas" has completed a succesful 15-city run in theaters throughout Mexico. The film will be released in Santiago, Chile later this month.




















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