The Big Bad Swim

The official site for our feature film in conjunction with Four Act Films. Check back regularly for progress on the feature film.

Ocho Candelas
The official site for our feature film in conjunction with Producciones H. Go here to schedule a screening or order a video copy.

Mandy - The International Film and Television Production Directory
A great resource for jobs and production services offered around the world.

Indiewire - The Vital Link for Indies
Daily updates and movie reviews in the world of independent film.

Tribe Hollywood
The exclusive and best networking website for entertainment industry professionals around.

New York Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre & Broadcasting
Lots of useful information on shooting in New York, job listings, tax exemptions, nude pictures of the mayor, and so much more.

Premiere and Movieline
Two movie magazines.
A group of photographers, journalists, and screenwriters that formed a collective to better the world. Check out the incredible photography of Sarah Eva.

Unbound Feet Productions
Production company formed by Emily Ting. Dedicated to "create innovative works that lend voices to the underrepresented." A worthy cause, I guess .

Blatantly Subtle
Production company of Joe Leonard, a damn talented filmmaker, with damn good films.

Ruth Knafo Setton
Gifted, beautiful author. Read Road to Fez.

Fireballs & Tsunami
The daily observances of a former NYU Cinema Studies student. If you're into film theory, read Jen's insightful essays, which typically mention Duran Duran in some form or another.

Lauren Cregor
The best pianist in the world. Listen to songs from  her amazing  first CD. Look for her in concert in the New York City area, or listen to her compositions in Dinerama 2000 and Walter.

Lisa Goldfarb 
Ar tist Lisa Goldfarb's website. If you like lizards, butchers, or housewives, you'll love her work.

Adam Richman 
Hugely, talented musician, who is most likely playing near you soon. His music can be heard in John Smith for President.

Anatomy of a Fight
First feature film from Long Island's finest, Nicholas Woythaler, a Producer on Ocho Candelas. Look for a screening of his fantastic low budget film.

Pretty Doggy Pet Portraits
Do you have a pet? Do you want a portrait of him/her? I don't know of any other pet portrait company, but I assure you this is the finest.

Josh Silfen
The official website of the cinematographer of The Big Bad Swim, The Butcher and the Housewife and John Smith for President.

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